Credits : ZalandoCollection / Patrick Houi

Poor little me. I only just landed in Paris and left again. After two weeks in Guadeloupe, the Isaac storm, an 8 hour flight, 6 hours of time difference, 3 hours of sleep, another plane, a nice driver. The change of setting is quite radical. I’m both tired and exhilarated.

I landed in a gorgeous apartment full of international bloggers, clothes, lots of food and a boudoir to be pampered in. I was in the Zalando Blogger Apartment in Berlin to discover the new season’s Zalando Collection! And really, all the clothes are so amazing!

A few hours of make-up later (8h just for those dark circles of mine) and some fittings (gently does it) and here is the result! (First photo)

In the evening we had dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant where I was able to chat and have fun with the bloggers. The evening did not end very late because everyone was exausted (lucky me). We returned to the hotel for one last drink and off to bed we went! I didn’t even take the time to take any pictures of my room: the bed swallowed me.

The next day, we had breakfast, walked for an hour, met another nice driver and took the plane again.

I went home to my loves Kevin and Edgar, with the impression of having a nice dream.


Thank you very much to the German and French Zalando teams. Everything was perfectly perfect!


Credits :  Une Armoire Pour Deux  / Zalando / Sarah Ahrens

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Credits : ZalandoCollection / Patrick Houi

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